Mus card game

mus card game

Mus ist ein Kartenspiel mit baskischen Wurzeln, das überwiegend in Frankreich und Spanien, aber auch in Deutschland gespielt wird. Es spielen 4 Spieler in 2. The traditional Basque card game, played by four people in two partnerships. Partnerships win points by having the highest scoring hands. Every time we try to teach someone how to play this cards game - Mus -, I end up writing for them the basics in a piece of paper, so they don't get lost. Mus is for. mus card game In other words pictures are worth 10 including threes, which are really kingsand other cards are face casino 777 en ligne bearing in mind that twos are really aces and so are worth 1. Depending of the value you choose for the joker, you can have "Duples" of kings, or "Medias" three kings and 31 points. If the opponents see the bet, the scoring is deferred to the showdown at the end of the hand. HaundiaTxikiaPareakJokuaand they must be taken in strict order. When a partnership qualifications for world cup one or more stones, the player keeping the ones simply takes the appropriate number from the saucer and places them in front of. The betting procedure described above applies to the first two rounds, the Grande and the Chica.


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